These Community Requirements form part of the Terms of Use that is the legal agreement you have with us and any terms not defined below have the meaning set forth in the Terms of Use. Our Community Requirements represent a code of conduct and behavior we expect from you as part of our community – when you visit our Website or take advantage of all the great Services we have to offer, as a user, Registered User or Subscriber. They do not replace or change other terms or conditions that apply to you, they just supplement them and help explain the restrictions and obligations you must observe when you take advantage of our Services. Our Community Requirements also describe the policies and requirements we have when you or anyone else generates content (e.g., User Generated Content) or Post on our Website or any of our Services, even if you Post in places we reserve especially for you or which we designate as ‘private.’  You are a guest and you must play by the rules or we can and will ask you to leave. When we use the term “Post” or any variation like “Posting,” we mean and include any message or messaging feature available on or through our Service.

Portions of our Service (for example, messaging, chat and certain features of our Subscription Services such as dating) may provide users with an opportunity to create a profile and Post.  You should never provide Personal Information to someone you do not know. You should be aware that we cannot guarantee any World Wide Web facilities, communications over the Internet or over wireless or mobile networks are secure, and you should assume that any Personal Information you decide to share, whether by Posting or otherwise, may be seen and read (and possibly used) by others who you do not know and you do not intend to have it or use it. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully so you understand how we treat your Personal Information, but we don’t control others to whom you give or who may obtain your Personal Information.

Posting and Engaging in Other Activities

You are solely responsible for your actions (or failure to act when you should) as well as your Postings, and if you directly or indirectly encourage or attempt to have someone else do what you are prohibited from doing, we will still hold you accountable and you will be responsible as if you had done these things yourself.

You acknowledge and agree that Postings from you, from your wireless or mobile device or from your User ID are your responsibility and therefore, you, not us are entirely responsible for the consequences. We assume no responsibility for Postings, their deletion or any failure to store, make available or deliver Postings in any manner, even if due to our Service - don’t rely on us, our Website or Services for any Post.

We don’t endorse Postings, nor do they reflect our views. We have no obligation to monitor, edit or screen Postings, although we reserve the right to do so and even if we do, we have no obligation to continue to do so and we may do so randomly, continuously or not at all and in some, any, all or no portions of our Service. We have absolutely no liability for or in connection with any Posting, even if it violates our Terms of Use or any other obligation. If we determine or reasonably believe any Posting violates any terms or conditions that apply or any law or regulation or we believe you are behaving inappropriately, we reserve the right, at any time and without limiting any and all other rights we may have, to (a) refuse to allow you to Post, (b) remove and delete any Post, (c) revoke, suspend and/or terminate your use, registration, User ID, subscription(s) and/or access to all or any part of our Services and/or (d) use any means available to us to enforce your compliance.

In general, you may not engage in any activity that could or does:

• constitute criminal or tortious activity or otherwise violates the law or the rights of another, including, without limitation, child pornography, fraud, trafficking in obscene material, drug dealing, gambling, stalking or spamming;

• interfere with or disrupt our Service or anything connected with our Service, including any digital rights management, intellectual property, advertisements, promotions or security;

 • involve any commercial or business purpose;

 • copy, distribute, transmit, share, download, upload or transfer Content, User Generated Content or Personal Information of others in any way (e.g., without permission or authorization); 

 • use any robot, spider, site search or retrieval application, macro, script or any manual or automated means to retrieve, index, "data mine", “scrape”, reproduce or circumvent navigational structure, the presentation, operation or intended use of our Service;

• Post, e-mail or transmit any software virus, program or code, file or material designed interrupt, disrupt, destroy or limit any features, functions or operations our or anyone else’s equipment, programs, communication or other resources or facilities;

• use meta tags, code or other means to direct any person or browser to another site, page, location or service;

• impersonate any person or entity or deceive or pretend to be anyone or anything else but you; or

• cover or obscure banner or other advertisements on your personal profile page or any Website page via HTML/CSS or any other means.

In addition, and specifically with respect to Postings, User Generated Content, or other material, you may not and will not submit any Posting, or engage in any activity that in our sole discretion:

• is defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, offensive, sexually oriented or explicit, threatening, harassing, or illegal or that infringes or violates another's rights (e.g., intellectual property rights; rights of privacy or publicity);

• is clearly offensive to us or, in our sole discretion, to the online community (e.g., if it promotes racism, violence, bigotry, sexism, harassment, hatred or harm of any kind);

• involves transmission of "junk mail", “SPAM”, "chain letters," unsolicited mass mailing, instant messaging, “spimming” or “spamming;”

• is false, deceptive, misleading or promotes illegal activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous;

• promotes illegal or unauthorized copying of someone else’s work or circumvents copy-protection devices (e.g., pirated computer programs, video or audio); 

• exploits or could be used to exploit Minors in a sexual, violent, illegal or  otherwise prohibited or harmful manner or causes or encourages others to do so;

• provides instructional information about illegal activities (e.g., illegal weapons, violating privacy, creating or transmitting computer viruses;

• involves any commercial activity, advertising or sales, even if no money is exchanged;

• solicits, induces or encourages others to provide Personal Information, passwords or any identifying information improperly, illegally, without authorization or under false pretenses, or causes or encourages others to do so, including from a Minor;

• contains any Personal Information or information or profile information that is not yours or which should not be shared publicly or without the owner’s or rights holder’s consent; or

• disparages, tarnishes or otherwise could adversely affect us or any of our Services.

Interactions with Others

You are solely responsible for your interactions with other users. We do not screen our users, Registered Users or Subscribers, we do not check backgrounds, nor verify information. We make no representations or warranties as to the conduct of our users or their compatibility with any users. You must take reasonable precautions in all interactions with others, particularly if you meet offline or in person or share Personal Information. You should review our Helpful Tips below which give you examples of things you should and should not do. You understand we make no guarantee, either express or implied, regarding your experiences or compatibility with users you meet through our Services.  You should not provide (e.g., Post) any Personal Information (or any other information you do not wish to be shared or made publicly available) to any user or other person or on our Service.

Communication is Interstate and International

When you use our Service, you understand you will be involved in communications that go through our computer networks and communication facilities, portions of which are or may in the future be located in a number of States and locations in the United States, in Italy and other countries around the world. You also acknowledge that use of our Service, as well as the nature of digital communication and services, may result in transmission of interstate and international communications no matter where you or your device or computer may be physically located.

Helpful Tips
Don’t Assume Anything About Anyone or Anything

We caution you that opinions, advice, statements, offers and information are solely those of the authors or originators and you should NOT rely on them as accurate. You may never know whether it is there for entertainment or any other reason or purpose. Always consult with your own professional or other advisors because we do not check, verify, endorse or accept responsibility for any of these things, nor represent or guarantee accuracy, completeness, usefulness or anything else about them. We hope you find these Helpful Tips useful.

DON’T share anything you don’t want everyone to know or that might embarrass you.
Our Website and Service are public spaces.

DO be careful about joining communities of others or adding others to your community.
People aren't always who they say they are.  Things are not always what they seem.

DON’T mislead people. 
Be truthful when you do share.  Deception makes people angry and has consequences – even here.

DO report harassment, hate speech and other inappropriate things.
If you feel someone's behavior is inappropriate or making you uncomfortable, report it right away.

DON’T share your identity or Personal Information with anyone you don’t know.
Things like your real name, phone numbers and addresses make it easy for someone to find you – even someone you don’t want to find you or someone you don’t want to communicate with. 

DO take your conduct seriously.
We give you control over your online experience. That means you choose what to share or not and what to do or not. What you decide online has consequences and may give someone else some control, especially if you share information or choose to meet or communicate with someone. 

DON’T meet people you do not fully know.
If you do decide to meet, do it in a public place, bring a parent or friend and make sure a responsible adult knows exactly where you are and what you are doing ALL THE TIME – online or in person.

DO try using a third-party, anonymous e-mail address.
As an added safety measure, we recommend using a third-party, anonymous e-mail address expressly for communicating with other users instead of using your personal (and potentially personally identifiable) e-mail address or account.

DON’T use a provocative, sexually explicit, shocking or otherwise inappropriate user name.
Using sex, race, ethnic or other names and words may get you noticed, but also may attract the wrong kind of attention. Remember you can control your choices; you can’t control what others think.

DO block abusers and report them to us.
We STRONGLY encourage you to block anyone who is or you suspect is behaving in any way that violates our Terms of Use or who you feel is making you or anyone you know uncomfortable. To report a user who is violating the Terms of Use, send an e-mail to

Always Use Your Own Judgment And Common Sense When Using Our Website And Our Services

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